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Core layer foam pipe (PSP)

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Core layer foam pipe (PSP)


Core layer foam pipe is a three-tier co-extrusion process produced the same inside and outside the two ordinary UPVC middle is the relative density of 0.7-0.9 anew type of low-foamed layer pipe. Because the structural mechanics of materials on the use of type Ⅰ structural principle, and has energy-absorbing foam core layer sound-insulation effects, it has gradually become replaced by cast iron pipes, rigid PVC solid wall pipe of a plastic pipe.

The core layer foam pipe (PSP) has the following characteristics:

The impact strength is significantly enhanced: the ring to the rigid UPVC pipe as an ordinary 8 times.
use a wide range:-30 ℃-100 ℃can be used, but in a good dimensional stability during temperature changes.
foam core layer can effectively block noise transmission, but also conducive to high-rise building drainage systems.
insulation is good, than non-real-foam pipe wall heat transfer efficiency is low 35%.
The inner wall of resistance and its ability to foam core layer greatly enhanced.
amore solid-wall pipe can save more than 25% of raw materials, the larger the diameter of raw materials to save more.
pipe lighter, easy to transport and installation.
In the bending mode of life is longer than the solid-wall pipe more than a decade.
The core layer foam pipe (PSP) Main application areas;
The civil construction of the drainage system;
Industrial protection and transport liquids;
agriculture and micro-irrigation, drainage and irrigation;
electric power, communication cable ducts.
hard polyvinyl chloride pipe silencer

Advantages of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

1. The flexible pipes have extremely good waterproof, insulating and pull resistance.
2. The thickened surface is made of PVC. Fire retardant was added to the PVC plastic.
3. The structure is buckle structure, which enhances the pull resistance and is not liable to crack or deform.
4. Extremely soft with food bending performance. The inner smoothness makes the entry of wires very easy.

Application of Flexible PVC conduit Pipe:

PVC conduit serves two primary industries: communications (telephone, CATV, data transmission) and electrical (power transmission).In the communications industry, the advent of fiber optic cable has had a tremendous impact due to its significantly higher data-carrying capacity, particularly due to the explosion of the Internet. In telecommunications service (phone, data transmission), fiber optic cable is used, along with traditional copper cable. In cable television service (CATV), fiber optic is also growing rapidly in addition to (or replacing) coaxial cable. This progression toward fiber optic cable has made the need for protection more critical, since these materials are highly sensitive to moisture and mechanical stress. Damage can be very expensive in terms of interrupted service and replacement costs. Also, these cables are installed in very long, continuous runs which require a clear, protected pathway, as well as a leak-free system for air-assisted ("blow-in”) installations. In addition to fiber optic, coaxial cables have seen improvements to increase bandwidth, making these materials more mechanically sensitive.
In the electrical industry, a critical requirement is on maintaining uninterrupted service, as consumers and businesses are even less tolerant of power outages than they are of phone or CATV service interruptions. Although many direct-buried power cable systems are designed for 30- or 40-year lifetimes, they are susceptible to external influences like rock impingement and often require frequent repairs. Conduit is finding favor over direct burial in these applications due to improved protection, but it must be continuous and facilitate quick repair operations.PVC conduit is used to carry both primary (substation to transformer) and secondary (transformer to end-user) cables. Some of these installations also contain fiber optic cables placed alongside the power cables to connect with load-monitoring sensors located throughout the network.

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customized; normal packing is : each roll with shrinking film surrounded/ or with non-woven bag packing, one roll one shipping carton with customized marks;

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T/T (mainly), PayPal, Western Union

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15-20 working days depending on order quantity.


Q: What kind of materail you can offer?
A: We can offer you PVC/PE/PP/PA.

Q: What kind of standard you are following?
A: We are producing following by RoHS, CE, UL and GB/T 14828.4-1993

Q: Could you change the size for the customer?
A: Yes, we do for some customer special size.

Q: How many days delivery the order?
A: Normally after deposit or L/C 20 days, depends on your request.

Q: What about the payment?
A: We can accept L/C, T/T and trusted payment methods.

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